Report: Tanzanite prices on the rise

The following article is published courtesy of National Jeweler

London–Reuters reports that gemstone miner and producer Tanzanite One saw per-carat prices for the purplish-blue gemstone increase an average of 16.5 percent at the recent jewelry show in Hong Kong, compared to prices at the company’s most recent sight, held in Dubai in November.
According to the report, Tanzanite One recorded revenues of $1.62 million from the sale of 198,337 carats of rough tanzanite at the recent Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, held earlier this month. Sales to date for the company in 2010 total $2.68 million, according to the report.

Tanzanite One explained that demand for the gemstone exceeded current supply, signaling strength in the tanzanite market.

“We are continuing to develop and explore complementary sales channels outside of formal sight sales, such as this Hong Kong sale,” Chief Executive Director Bernard Olivier said in a statement, according to Reuters.


6 thoughts on “Report: Tanzanite prices on the rise

  1. I’m Luis Garriga Store Manager for Tanzanite International in St Thomas Virgin Islands. Would like to get as much info I can get from you guy an how the market in Tanzanite is going,would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Luis! Thank you for your interest in Gemma News Service.
      I have been working for DI too. I was in Nassau, Bahamas. Toni Gad was the Island Manager.
      I will answer to your question in a few days. I am waiting for some data about tanzanite sales directly from Arusha.
      In the meantime would you be so kind to tell me how the market is doing in the Caribbean?
      Please feel free to email me at
      Thanks again.

  2. Hi Luis,
    i live in Kenya which borders Tanzania and am near Arusha. I have also been in the trade for a while now and can assist you with Tanzanite information. What in particular would you like to know?

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  4. Hi, my name is Darren and I have aquired a 3.0 carat Tanzanite Emerald cut through my Grandmother passing. About how much is it worth as of today’s market value?

    • Thank you Darren for your interest in Gemma News Service. Unfortunately, it is impossible to appraise a gemstone without a chance to look at its characteristics visually.
      You should ask a gemologist close to where you live.
      Let me know if I can be of assistance in locating one.

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