About Gemma

GEMMA News Service intent is being a solid and reliable source of information for the gemstone industry. GEMMA News Service will provide the highest level of excellence and integrity.

With more than 30 years of experience, I will do my best to explore industry updates and trends, while supplying my subscribers the information they need to keep updated and efficiently run their business.

GEMMA News Service was founded by Raul Sapora, gemologist (DGemG, GIA)

co founder of Italian Gemologists Association

Please feel free to contact me at rsapora@gmail.com

Raul Sapora

4 thoughts on “About Gemma

  1. Good Morning! These questions are for my graduate student research paper I am writing.
    The information needs of gemologists.
    If you would like to answer any of them in any way that would be so perfect!
    Thanks in advance and all the best!

    Q. When you need gemology information do you go to a library?
    If yes, which library books are your favorite?
    If no, do you rely on computers more than books?

    Q. Please describe your geology learning style in your own words?

    Q. Do gemologists face any barriers to finding correct information?

    Q. What are your highest priority gemology information needs?

    Q. What are your lowest priority gemology information needs?

    Q. Do you ever require instruction or interpretation of materials?

    Q. Do you consider any gemologists to be experts?

    Anything else you are inspired to add can be helpful!
    Again many many thanks!
    maria elena van Boekel

    • Thank you Maria Elena for your interest in Gemma News Service. I just answered by email.

      Best Regards

      Raul Sapora

  2. hi,am from kenya in east africa
    the government has agreed to give me a dealers license . please send me some reliable buyers of tanzanites, rubies, and green ganets


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