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Western Nigeria, which constituted an important source for the high-quality gemstone tourmaline and pink stones in the late 1990’s, has recently discovered a significant deposit of pink-to-red tourmaline. Brenda M. Laurs of the GIA reports that the rare gemstone, found in the Oyo Valley of western Nigeria, is notable for its high transparency and bright coloration. The find dug up about 20 kgs of the gem, with the largest piece weighing 7 kg and containing a wealth of gem-quality transparent areas. This piece was so large (up to 28 cm in diameter and nearly 13 cm thick) that it required a large tile saw to make the initial cuts. Since the find, approximately one thousand stones have been polished, weighing nearly 7,000 carats and resulting in an overall yield of approximately 15%. The colors of the gemstones fell into three main groups with 50% slightly purplish red, 10% a darker red and 40% categorized ‘bubble gum pink.’ The largest precious gemstone weighed 53.45 cts with several more in the 20-40 carat range. By: Jody Clements

Gemfields Posts First Revenues From Emerald Sales In FY 2009, Cuts Operating Costs

Ian Harebottle, Chief Executive of Gemfields

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Gemfields Plc (LSE:GEM) is a leading international coloured gemstone producer, with production and exploration assets in Zambia and Madagascar. The company seeks to become the leading source of high-quality coloured gemstones through consolidation and vertical integration on an international scale. Gemfields prides itself on its unique ability to bring ethically produced, conflict-free gemstones of certified provenance directly from the mine to the market on an integrated basis.

Gemfields owns a state-of-the-art gemstone cutting and polishing facility in Jaipur, India and holds the exclusive worldwide rights to use the Fabergé brand name on coloured gemstones.

Gemfields (AIM: GEM) said it intended to concentrate on further slashing operating costs and positioning the business for growth for when the conditions in the gemstone market improve, while reporting first revenues from emerald sales in the previous financial year along with successful post-period auctions as production increased.
A total of 28 million carats were produced during the year, compared to 9.9 million in 2008, while ore grades increase to 349 cpt (carats per tonne) from 233 cpt last year. Successful post-period auctions in July and November earned the company US$11.5 million.

Revenues for the financial year to 30 June amounted to US$815,456 compared to none in the previous year, while losses soared to US$0.2 billion after an impairment charge of US$249 million against the value of the Kagem mine in Zambia after writing down its value to zero, saying it was difficult to justify forecasts showing a positive cashflow with “reasonable certainly,” complicating the valuation of the mine. The cash balance stood at US$6.86 million, down from last year’s US$48.07 million.

As the global demand in diamonds fell, the scale of operations at Kagem, which is currently the company’s only operating mine, were reduced. Operating costs at the mine averaged US$241 per tonne of ore compared to US$447 per tonne in 2008.

Gemfields intends to focus on further cost reductions and improvement of operating efficiencies, pledging to limit its expenditure to key projects only until the prospects for a full recovery in the gemstone market take shape.

Other objectives for the next year included the initiation of sales programmes for polished and certified gemstones, expanding mining and exploration activities to include new target sites in the Kagem licence area, the opening of a rough gemstone trading business in Kitwe, Zambia and the establishment of a trial cutting facility on the mine.

“The global economic climate prevailing during the year under review was exceedingly tough on the gemstone and luxury goods sectors, and the impacts thereof seem likely to continue for some time to come. However, despite these factors, I am broadly pleased with the way in which Gemfields has managed to overcome these challenges and with the operational initiatives that have been put in place,” said Chief Executive of Gemfields Ian Harebottle.

Making Heads Turn With Designs!

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As Harry Winston says so candidly, ‘People will stare. Make it worth their while’, holds true for lovers of designer jewelry. Possessing even one exquisite piece of designer jewelry can give most women quite a high!

Collectors and ardent fans of designer jewelry would really agree with this statement. Jewelry would always remain dear to most women but owning designer jewelry is a cherished dream for many. Elegance and sophistication is just the base of such jewelry, these brands also give the buyer a satisfaction he/she has bought something that is worth its value. Buying any kind of designer jewelry also helps one to be at ease as there is always the guarantee factor and assurance of quality that is associated with branded pieces.

Although many new brands are being seen emerging in the global market of the fashion industry, there are still a number of designers who rule the roost as far as fashion is concerned. The fashion conscious people always prefer to invest in a brand that symbolizes style, fashion, sophistication and quality as these also give a star status, once adorned. Take a peek into the famous designer jewelry brands that have enticed women for all these years.

Top Designer Jewelry Brand Names:

Harry Winston:
The Harry Winston jewelry brand has a long line of jewelry designs to his credit. Harry Winston rings are extremely popular amongst most fashion savvy youngsters who are about to tie the knot. Huge diamonds like a trademark of Harry Winston jewelry. Although the 1920s and the 1930s saw a demand for small gemstones, it was Harry Winston who dared to go off the beaten track and launch large stones that were set in minute settings. One of the famous gems that belong to this brand is the dark blue Hope diamond. (45.5 carat). This look shot Harry Winston to fame and today; this designer jewelry still ranks high on the must haves of many.
Tiffany Jewelry:
Tiffany is one such brand of designer jewelry that has remained to be one of the most sought after brands amongst others. The Tiffany brand was first known as Tiffany & Young in the year 1837. It was later changed to Tiffany & Co in New York. It is not only the diamond jewelry that drove women wild; it is their entire range of pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches etc. At Tiffany’s, every jewel is a prized and treasured possession. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany and Co., designed a lot of lamps, mosaics, stained glass windows and jewelry and it was only later that this company earned loads of prizes and got international status as a brand. The innovative designs were the hallmark of the Tiffany brand.

Owning a Buccellati piece of designer jewelry would be like owning a masterpiece. The founder of this exquisite line of designer jewelry was Mario Buccellati. Every piece of Buccellati designer jewelry has a personal touch that is given by his son and Gianmaria Buccellati. A family affair, innovative ideas for exquisite designs run in the Buccellati family. Today, one can see new designs and sophisticated pieces being churned out by the Buccellati brand.

Lawrence Graff, the British billionaire is behind the exquisite designs that belong to this brand. Graff is also known as the new Harry Winston of this era. With his amazing business sense, Graff has seen his business rise phenomenally with a wide range of sophisticated and unique designer jewelry. Large diamonds are the signature mark of the Graff brand.

Designer Jewelry lovers can never go wrong with a Chopard. Chopard first tasted success with the hot new designs in the pocket watches sector. Louis-Ulysse Chopard first began this company in 1860. The sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings company was then bought by Karl Scheufele in 1963. Here, jewelry making was combined with the fine art of watch making. The year 1976 saw the launch of a new line ‘Happy Diamonds’. The Chopard brand ensures its loyal customers that every gem is hand picked and each design is unique and is achieved after a lot of detailing. Be it the watches or the fine jewelry, this is one brand you can watch out for!

De Grisogono:
Black diamonds were used as a distinguishing factor under the De Grisogono label. This trend began when Gruosi incorporated this sterling silver jewelry in the late 1990s. This brand houses some of the top creative designer jewelry that is bound to captivate any woman! Outlandish to some, Grousi finally founded the company, De Grisogono in 1993. Today, with a global appeal, this brand has climbed new height in the designer jewelry segment.

This is a luxury brand that is known for its lead crystal glass products. Daniel Swarovski originally created the Swarovski crystal when he invented an automatic cutting machine in 1892. This magic crystal transformed the fashion scenario sterling silver heart charms when it was used for creating exquisite jewelry. Today, Swarovski beads and crystal jewelry are a rage in designer jewelry.
With more new designers joining this bracket, designer jewelry lovers have a vast option to choose from. The truth is the trendsetters can never go out of fashion! Here’s to the Guru’s of designer jewelry!