Gem Legacy

Raul Sapora

It’s a perennial concern for jewelers to change the perception of jewelry purchases. We need to tell the stories that make purchasing jewelry “feel good” and have clients know that their luxury purchase is having a positive effect on the world. Jewelry is causing a transformational change in lives around the world…why aren’t we telling that story?

Gem Legacy is a vehicle for the industry to share with customers the positive impact gems and jewelry can have in source countries and their role in causing that change by giving back. There are a variety of ways jewelers and other members of the industry can help, whether you write a check or not!

Gem Legacy is a 501c3 nonprofit launched in 2018 and dedicated to supporting education, vocational training, and local economies in East African mining communities. With Gem Legacy’s involvement in local communities, the presence of gems has a 100% track record for positive impact on the local community’s livelihood. Gem Legacy was birthed in the belief that gems have a remarkable power to change lives and impact the world, if we all work together. Gem Legacy focuses on kids, education, and entrepreneurship initiatives in Tanzanian, Kenyan, and Malawian colored gemstone mining communities. 100% of all donations return directly back to those communities.

Partnering with Gem Legacy gives the industry a vehicle to give back and pay forward the success given to them in this industry! Incorporating Gem Legacy into marketing and charity efforts shows the store’s and brand’s commitment to giving back and gains client loyalty for their dedication to serving those less fortunate. The stats prove that clients are swayed by the decisions of the brand in regards to taking care of the supply chain: 50% of women say they want more green choices (Forbes), 66% of consumers say “I’m willing to spend more, a lot more in fact, to know that what I’m spending my money on is actually good for the earth and the people on it” (Nielsen), and 64% of consumers say it’s extremely important for a company to take a stand on a social issue and are very likely to purchase a product based on that commitment” (Shelton).

At the partners page, those interested can find everything needed to begin using Gem Legacy as their industry charity partner. Partnering with Gem Legacy can include a variety of activities: sharing the story on social media, giving back a percentage of sales, holding a fundraiser for a specific fund, and much more! Jewelers who wish to partner are encouraged to share the Gem Legacy story and their partnership in email blasts, instore signage, website information, instore tv screens, and top of counter donation tin. Partners are encouraged to speak at local clubs, organizations, and schools. Fundraising can include offering a donation match program, raffling off a piece of jewelry or service, selling African handicrafts, and hosting a drive to collect shoes, books, pajamas, and more!

Gem Legacy is raising funds within the gem and jewelry industries to respond to a wide range of needs in gem mining communities. Recent initiatives include:

– sending 17 Malawian orphans, forced to drop out of school due to financial reasons, back to school

– installing a used compressor for the women of the Precious Women mine

– teaching 5 gemological trainings for over 250 miners and dealers

– providing 28 Kenyan orphans with new beds and mattresses

Gem Legacy provides the industry with a positive story to tell about every colored gemstone sold: quantifiable, generational growth in mining communities. Gem Legacy is seeking to serve the industry by being a tool to change the perception of gem’s and jewelry’s impact on people, families, and communities. Gems are doing good around the world! Will you join them in changing the world, one gem at a time?

More information at Gem Legacy