HRD Antwerp NV opens Istanbul gem lab

The following article is published courtesy of: Israeli Diamond Industry Portal
Intellectual property: IDI
The HRD logo is exclusive property of: HRD Antwerp NV
HRD Antwerp NV officially opened its first gemological laboratory outside Antwerp and in  Istanbul, Turkey.

According to a company press release quoted by IDEX, the gem lab’s decision to open a certification laboratory in Istanbul was prompted by  to the city’s status as one of the world’s major jewelry hubs, as well as by HRD Antwerp NV’s desire to boost customer confidence in Turkish jewelry.
“We look forward to a successful partnership with the Istanbul jewelry industry,” said HRD Antwerp NV General Manager Georges Brys. “We see this as a natural partnership between two cities with a long history – Antwerp for diamonds and Istanbul for jewelry.”
The Istanbul gemological lab will provide on-the-spot diamond jewelry certification services.


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