Famous Diamonds: Graff’s Delaire Sunrise


One can hardly be overenthusiastic when talking about the Delaire Sunrise diamond. Mesmerising in size and beauty, it is the world’s largest fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing a staggering total of 118.08 carats and featuring a square emerald cut done by one of the world’s best cutters, Nino Bianco.

It all began in one South African diamond mines where an extremely rare rough diamond of 221 carats and a natural octahedral shape, was unearthed. Captivating and intriguing in its raw state, the stone kept everyone spellbound. Despite some potential risks, Graff Diamonds Holdings CEO, Laurence Graff, remained determined to preserve the perfect form by transforming the rough into a square emerald-cut diamond.

To perform this daring task he chose his master cutter, Nino Bianco, who was immediately mesmerised by the stone. He spent months examining it planning out the angles and facets that would maximise the glorious colour of this true miracle of nature. In almost a year the job was done. What the renowned craftsman left was a 118.08cts rich yellow diamond with spectacular depth and light and warm tones of molten gold – a diamond as breath-taking as the African sunrise. GIA has estimated it at over £26 million ($42 million USD).

“The Delaire Sunrise is a diamond that express the pinnacle of new luxury, that speaks to today’s discerning clients who delve into the origins and meaning of the stones, and want to be involved in their stories, their creative process,” said Graff senior executive and a 35-year industry veteran Clive Golanski. “It can never be replicated. People see diamond and say Oh! here’s another diamond. But this is a crown jewel. More suited to leaders of the world and collectors, who track us year-round,” he added.

British jeweller, Laurence Graff is said to have handled more historic and important diamonds than anyone today. His sparkling portfolio includes such stunners as the Idol’s Eye, the Lesotho Promise and the celebrated blue Wittelsbach-Graff diamond.


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