5th European Gemmological Symposium


It is with pride that herewith, the Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory and the Dutch Gemmological Guild cordially invite gemmologists, jewellers and anyone else interested in gemmology, to the 5th European Gemmological Symposium that coincides with the 14th Dutch Gemmological Guild symposium.
Since the first European Gemmological Symposium in 2007, that was held in Germany, it is now up to the Netherlands to organise this anniversary.

We have put together an attractive programme, highlighting recent advances made in gemmology. The European Gemmological Symposium provides a platform where participants get first-hand information about gemmology and meet gem professionals from all over Europe. The Symposium will be held at Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden. All lectures will be given in English.

On Saturday 15 June we will make a special trip from Leiden to Amsterdam.
14.00 departure by coach from Hotel Holiday Inn Leiden
15.00 arrival in Amsterdam, at Gassan Diamonds, located in a historic building (the largest diamond cutting centre of Europe in the 19th century) for a special tour.
16.30 short boat ride with the special ‘Heineken’ boat to the Heineken Experience
17.00 arrival at Heineken Experience
18.00 drinks
19.00 dinner
21.00 departure to Holiday Inn Leiden (times are indicative)
Participation to this afternoon and evening is optional, costs are € 59,00.
Registrations are dealt with in the order in which they come in (limited number of places available).

Hotel arrangement, Leiden
The organisation has made a special, attractive deal with the Holiday Inn Leiden, which is valid till 31 January 2013 (click this link: Holiday_ Inn_reserv_ EN).

On Sunday 16 June our invited speakers, all internationally renowned scientists, will present a broad range of topics, covering recent advances in gemmological research:
– Overview of Pearl testing: classic methods and new developments,by Stefanos Karampelas (Switzerland)
– Natural Green Diamonds, by Thomas Hainschwang (Liechtenstein)
– Ordinary and Extraordinary Shapes of Diamond Crystals, by Emmanuel Fritsch (France)
– Amber: Real, Fake and Coloured, by Maggie Campbell Pedersen (United Kingdom)
– Colour and Colour Modification of Non-transparent Quartz, by Ulrich Henn (Germany)
– Rare Earth Elements in mint green Grossular Garnet from Merelani, Tanzania
by Henry Hänni (Switzerland)
– Gemmology and geology of opal deposits – comparison Australian and Ethiopian deposits, by Benjamin Rondeau (France)
– Useful Corundum (ruby, sapphire) data sets from deposit specific samples,by Kenneth Scarratt (Thailand)

10:00 registration and coffee
10:45 welcome and introduction
10:50 start programme
12:30 lunch
13:30 continuation of the programme
15:25 coffee/tea break
17:00 drinks
18:00 end of programme
*titles and order of subjects are provisional; programme may be subject to change

Symposium fee (including coffee, tea, lunch, drinks, a hand-out and free entrance to museum Naturalis):
GGN Members and Friends of the NEL € 85,00
Other participants € 110,00.

And finally:
The Symposium will conclude with an ‘after symposium’ dinner at 18:30 hours.
Participation to this evening is optional, costs, (including wine) € 60,00.
Registrations are dealt with in the order in which they come in (limited number of places available).


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