Police now investigating fired Antwerp graders

We publish courtesy of National Jeweler

Antwerp–Grading laboratory HRD Antwerp announced Friday that it has passed the results of its internal audit on to judicial authorities there and has terminated its relationship with the three companies involved in the alleged misconduct that led to the firing of four diamond graders last month.

HRD Antwerp General Manager Georges Brys is refraining from commenting on the specific nature of the investigation, but toldNational Jeweler: “The police have received our findings. Based on this information, they have started an investigation. The police investigation is going on. It would be inappropriate to mention what they are looking for.”

HRD Antwerp did note in its statement that the internal review, conducted by an ad-hoc committee aided by an independent third-party company that audited the lab, found that the “grading improprieties” involved only a few individuals and companies.

“As HRD Antwerp’s own investigation was fully focused on its internal quality controls and staff adherence to the strict grading rules, the HRD Antwerp board unanimously felt that all the findings of the internal investigations should be passed on to the appropriate authorities,” the statement reads. “All staff members have received unequivocal instructions to fully cooperate.”

When asked if the police were considering action against both the diamond companies and the individual graders, Brys said, “It is up to the legal authorities to judge if action will be taken to people involved.”

HRD Antwerp announced in late March that it had fired the four graders for what it deemed “unprofessional acts.” The graders involved had worked at the lab between eight and 11 years.  


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