Sophisticated Jewel with a French Accent

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Listen to Rose de France—it whispers with a come-hither lilt that woos the chic collector. A pale pink lilac quartz variety, this elegant jewel is the pride of many jewelry lovers and couture jewelers.

Quartz is the most plentiful mineral on earth after feldspar. Its uses are legion, including industrial applications for the piezoelectric varieties. Crystal watch covers are quartz. Many components of timepieces feature quartz as well. And ditto for oscillators.

But these large crystals often occur in the most winsome of colors attracting devotees who rapture over the slightest variation of tones. Rose de France is one such quartz gemstone. The jewel is actually an amalgam of pink and lilac in almost infinite shade combinations.

While some gems boast bold color tones, it’s the subtle tints that attract the connoisseur. Hard to exactly describe, they require a cultivated taste to fully appreciate. Actually, the delicate hues of Rose de France and a handful of other pastel stones have more versatility as an accessory jewel. So they are likely to become a signature jewelry item. They are in effect a glamorous neutral gem.

This is how luxury designer Christophe Danhier responds to Rose de France. It’s a great stone to work with, he claims. “Depending on how the stone is cut and the gold color I use it with, I can bring out many different shades of colors.” Like most colored gemstones, Rose de France’ hues range from light pastel pink, to pastel purple and even to a peachy tone. “The impression of color also varies depending on the skin tone. It looks quite nice with a little summer tan or with a pale white skin.”

Every jewelry artist interprets the stone with an individual twist. “I like to set it in rose gold to bring out some purple shades mixed with the pink,” Danhier said. “It’s definitely a choice for colored stone lovers and fashion conscious customers if used in high jewelry.”

Image Courtesy Christophe Danhier: 18KT rose gold with Rose de France, diamonds, & pink sapphire


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