Rio Tinto signs Indian partner for Argyle Pink Diamonds

We publish courtesy of Diamond World

Mining Major Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds business has established partnership in India for its signature pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine. It has partnered with specialist diamond jewellery designer, manufacturer and luxury retailer, Nirav Modi from Firestone Diamond.

According to Josephine Archer, Business Manager for Argyle Pink Diamonds, “We extend a very warm welcome to Firestone Diamond as our partner in India. Nirav Modi’s commitment to beautiful design and quality craftsmanship is a perfect fit with the rarity, beauty and luxury of Argyle pink diamonds.” Following its partnership, Firestone Diamond has joined the list of master craftsmen known as Authorised Partners and Select Ateliers appointed to work with Argyle pink diamonds.

According to Nirav Modi, Chairman of Firestone Diamond, “The time is right for India to take its place in the world of rare coloured diamonds. This exclusive partnership provides an ideal opportunity to enhance the demand for rare pink diamonds in India. We look forward to more successful collaborations with Argyle Pink Diamonds.”

Firestone Diamond is a third generation diamond company delving in design and manufacture of one-of-a-kind heirloom jewellery pieces. It has been associated with the Argyle mine acquiring rare pink and blue diamonds from the Argyle mine for its jewellery collections. One of the striking examples of its Argyle mine jewelelry collections is a recent creation of a US$ 3.56 million Golconda Lotus Necklace comprising of an unprecedented collection of 34 rare Argyle pink diamonds, linked together by special diamond chains.



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