GIA Gem Project – Edward J. Gübelin Collection

We publish courtesy of GIA


About the Dr. Edward J. Gübelin Gem Collection
Dr. Edward Gübelin’s study of gemstones and their inclusions extended over a professional career of more than six decades, and his work revolutionized the science of gemology. From his home laboratory in Lucerne, Switzerland, he traveled to gem localities on five continents to collect samples that he then meticulously documented. After his death in March 2005, his comprehensive collection was acquired by the GIA. The collection consists of approximately 2,800 gems representing 225 different minerals. It now forms part of the GIA Gem Collection, where it is being used for research, education, and display. For more on Dr. Gübelin and his life’s accomplishments, please see the Winter 2005 Gems & Gemology article, “A Gemological Pioneer: Dr. Edward J. Gübelin.”

GIA’s Gem Database Project
GIA has undertaken a systematic study of the Edward J. Gübelin Gem Collection and to date has compiled photographic images, gemological data and data acquired by advanced scientific instrumentation on over 200 of the important gemstones. GIA is committed to sharing this repository of gemological information and is making it publicly accessible via our website. We hope that the database will be of practical benefit to GIA students, educators, gemologists, and researchers worldwide.



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