Muzo emerald reaches exceptional sale price at Christie’s Geneva sale

We publish courtesy of Diamond World


The Christie’s Geneva sale held recently, witnessed a magnificent 9.27 ct. emerald from the legendary mine of Muzo, Colombia, reaching a price of $835,682 or $90,149) per carat, which is an exceptional price for such a stone. The report from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute on this Muzo Emerald stated that “Natural emeralds from Colombia of this size, colour and purity represent a great rarity and the described gemstone is thus a very exceptional treasure”.

Jean-Marc Lunel, Head of Christie’s Geneva Jewellery Department said: “Golconda, Muzo, Kashmir: these are magic words to any gem connoisseur.” Adding to the historic enigma of the Muzo mines, Jean-Marc Lunel said, “The history of the legendary mines of Muzo began with the discovery of the New World by the Spanish conquerors in the early 16th Century. Emeralds from the Muzo mines are highly valued because of their famous saturated pure green to slightly bluish green hue, their size and their clarity.”

Although Muzo mines continue to yield high quality gemstones, very few display the purity and intense saturation of the exceptional square-cut ‘Muzo’ emerald weighing 9.27 carats, highly transparent pure crystal, free of any form of enhancement offered in the sale.


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