Sarin introduces Strategist™ laser sawing planning system

we publish courtesy of Diamond world

Sarin Technologies Ltd has introduced its latest, the Strategist™ laser sawing planning system for all existing and future Quazer™ customers. The company is a Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed entity, and a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of precision technology products for the planning, processing, evaluation and measurement of diamonds and gems.

Uzi Levami, the chief executive of Sarin, stated, “The Strategist is the optimal missing link between the industry’s leading tools for rough planning that we have been offering our customers (the Advisor) for more than a decade, and our exceptional Quazer green laser sawing system. Linking them with the Strategist will allow the manufacturer to add one plus one and realise a result greater than two.”

The Strategist offers a dual purpose system to a manufacturer’s laser sawing suite – an independent setup station (hardware) on which multiple sawing jobs of multiple diamonds (cassettes) can be prepared offline, thus freeing up valuable laser time, and secondly an accurate computerised planning tool (software).

The Strategist software applies the rough stone’s three dimensional structure and the planned locations of the polished stones as generated by the Advisor, together with Galaxy or Solaris derived inclusion mapping data, to generate a safer and higher yield laser sawing plan. It earns its uniqueness in integrating the rough planning and the actual laser-sawing of the stone into a computer controlled and coordinated process that is also able to consider, and avoid as far as possible, sawing perils such as cracks and bubbles. The link enables accurate decisions to be made on the Strategist during the laser sawing planning stage -to yield a result with the intended final polishing plan, and enable transfer of safer and more precise sawing instructions to the Quazer.

Uzi Levami added, “We expect all of our existing customers to adopt this offering and believe it will drive additional green laser sales, as the full benefit of the Quazer’s superior design and technology will become even more readily apparent.”



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