Blue Nile gets into the ‘application’ game

We publish courtesy of  The National Jeweler

Seattle—Online diamond retailer Blue Nile is the latest retailer to introduce an application, or “app,” that allows consumers to browse and buy diamonds from a mobile device.

According to the Seattle-based retailer, the Blue Nile app lets customers search for diamonds based on certain specifications, view available diamonds, connect to consultants and buy a diamond on Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is available in Apple’s App Store.

In addition, the app allows consumers to view Blue Nile’s selection of custom engagement rings and educational materials on diamonds.

Blue Nile Chief Executive Officer Diane Irvine said the app would be a “game-changer” in the way consumers shop for diamonds.

“We’ve listened to our customers and feel we’ve developed a diamond shopping experience for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that combines the best education with the best selection of diamonds,” she said.

Diamond search allows consumers to access a selection of more than 70,000 stones in real time and enables them to search according to the Four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. It also allows them to view grading reports from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society laboratory.

A “Dream Box” function lets users look at the custom rings created by Blue Nile’s craftsman. Consumers simply shake their device and the Dream Box randomly will select a photo of a custom-made ring. If the consumer finds a ring they like, it can be saved, e-mailed and even shared on social networking site Facebook.

Finally, the education section makes Blue Nile’s in-depth diamond education buying guides available to consumers on their mobile devices so they can select a diamond that meets their criteria and budget.


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