NCDIA launches ‘Pink Diamond Butterfly’ marketing campaign

We publish courtesy of Diamond World

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) has launched a viral social media campaign entitled ‘Pink Diamond Butterfly’, in the present third quarter of the year. The campaign is directed at jewellery retailers, with the focus of business growth and raising consumer awareness about coloured diamond category.

The campaign requires participating retailers to offer a natural pink diamond butterfly necklace as a giveaway within the market they operate, which is popularized in association with local media. By creating the intrigue and awareness about natural pink diamonds, the retailers build awareness about the entire category of natural coloured diamonds and help build consumer knowledge base.

“Several NCDIA retail members have already taken advantage of the campaign and the momentum is building! We have driven thousands of consumers directly to our retail members and have helped build their customer base and sales of natural colour diamonds!” points out Robert May, Executive Director, NCDIA.

“ The NCDIA Pink Diamond Butterfly program was an amazing opportunity to be different, unique and memorable… It had one of the largest responses that we have ever had….with over 5000 blog hits alone. It was truly a value-based program. NCDIA and the color diamond category drew additional attention to Samuel Gordons Jewelers and NCDIA’, said Daniel Gordon, President Samuel Gordons Jewelers.

NCDIA, which began in 2003 is a trade organization dedicated to increasing awareness about color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds. Its endaevour aims to spread awareness about natural coloured diamonds amongst trade and consumers.


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