JTV to support schools in tanzanite mining area

We publish courtesy of National Jeweler Network

New York—Multichannel U.S.-based retailer Jewelry Television (JTV) has announced plans to support schools in areas in which the gemstone tanzanite is mined.

After a recent visit to the Tanzania headquarters of TanzaniteOne, a miner and supplier of rough tanzanite, JTV has decided to make a “generous donation” of school supplies and textbooks to the Naisinyai Primary and Seconday Schools, which are supported by TanzaniteOne and its marketing and public relations arm, the Tanzanite Foundation.

A rare and precious gemstone found only in the East African nation of Tanzania, tanzanite is considered to be one of the most intriguing gemstones of modern times. According to TanzaniteOne, the mining company and the Tanzanite Foundation together aim to encourage the development of a tanzanite industry free from exploitation and ensure that local Tanzanian communities share in the rewards that the tanzanite industry earns.

“Our visit to Tanzania has shown us first-hand how tanzanite is mined and brought to the market,” JTV co-founder Jerry Sisk said in a media release. “We are well aware that sales of this precious gemstone help to support the local communities, and we will do what we can to assist. I know that this donation of school supplies and textbooks will be well received and appreciated by the children and teachers alike.”

In addition to TanzaniteOne’s support of the Naisinyai schools, the mining company supports the local communities surrounding the tanzanite mining area in other ways. Through the work of the foundation, TanzaniteOne and its members have built two schools, a medical clinic and a community center. In addition, TanzaniteOne pumps in fresh water that is used for the watering of up to 5,000 head of cattle every day.


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