Richest Dog Ever? Gail Posner Just Made Her Dog a Millionaire

The following article appears courtesy of: Israeli Diamond Industry Blog

Author: Roe Kalb

The dog got richer by nearly $3 million dollars when the will of the famous heiress Gail Posner died and justifiably all were stunned, more so was her son Carl. He has filed a lawsuit contesting the contents of the will at the probate court of Miami-Dade County.

Carl has accused the domestic helps and the maids of influencing her mother in setting up of a trust on the tune of $3 million dollars and the maids get comprehensibly richer if they decide to keep taking care of the dogs and among the pampered pooches, Conchita was Gail’s favorite.

Carl had previously accused the maids of running a promotional campaign to establish Conchita as the most spoilt dog in the world; apparently Conchita is accustomed to having a full time staff and owned diamond jewelry apart from sporting different wardrobes on all the four seasons.

Posner’s last interview to the New Times in February last year had disclosed her affection for the dogs and especially with the Chihuahua named Conchita. She had also discussed her desire to launch a specialized fashion line aimed at dog lovers. The outfits will be a matching pair for the pet and its owner, she had divulged.

But it would be wrong to think that she had only thought about her pooches while the will was being made; all the household stuffs including her bodyguard as well as her aides will also be getting considerably richer and can continue to live in her mansion.

The only catch being that they will have to care for her dogs. But with that amount of greenbacks included who wouldn’t fall in love with the dogs?


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