HRD Antwerp to Introduce D-Scope at JCK Las Vegas

The following brief is being published courtesy of: IDEX Online

HRD Antwerp will introduce its D-Scope DV4 portable diamond microscope at the JCK Las Vegas show, the lab announced on Tuesday. The D-Scope DV4 is a high-quality stereo zoom microscope with gem manipulator and vacuum system.

The scope is equipped with a sophisticated illumination system that consists of unique halogen darkfield lighting and LED-top lights for quick examination possibilities.

Visitors to HRD Antwerp’s Booth 968 on level 2 of the Diamond Plaza will also be offered the chance to test the HRD Antwerp D-Screen, the first compact device able to distinguish natural from lab-made colorless or near-colorless polished diamonds.

The D-Screen indicates if a polished diamond is natural and whether it has been subjected to color enhancement. Lab-made diamonds and HPHT-treated diamonds are instantly detected, the lab claims.

The scope makes use of optical measurement by projecting shortwave UV radiation through the diamond.


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