Gemfields launches website in sync with its repositioning strategy. The company has also created new trade and consumer deliverables.

The following article appears courtesy of Diamond World

Gemfields has launched a new website and rebranded its trade and consumer materials, in sync with its repositioning strategy. The company has highlighted its new positioning as being ‘a focused Premium Coloured Gemstone company, one of the world’s leading gemstone producers, and the leading supplier of ethically-produced Zambian emeralds that can be traced directly from mine to market.’

The new website is accessible on the link . “Our vision is one of complete transparency to both the trade and the consumer,” explains Ian Harebottle, Gemfields CEO, “and that is why we chose to create a comprehensive website designed to meet the needs of both groups and one which clearly reflects our ethos.” The new site is designed in black and white, featuring dramatic images of Zambian topography and Gemfields employees. Explaining the creative outlook, Harebottle added that “Our workers and the surrounding community are as important to our business as bottom line and the promotion of our product. That’s why we have chose to emphasis our people and the process and not just the beauty of our finished product.”

The website informs the viewer about Zambian emeralds, news releases, financial updates and reports on global tenders, along with information on Gemfields’ unique environmental and social programmes, and certification processes.

The company has also redesigned trade and consumer brochures, corporate and consumer DVDs and a comprehensive emerald training programme available to its distribution partners and sales associates; an effort in the line of its repositioning strategy. Each piece will reflect Gemfields’ focused, clean and modern personality and will pictorially blend with landscape and portrait photography elucidating the company’s people and environment. “Through this repositioning and rebranding exercise, we are confident that we will be able to re-introduce the world to Gemfields and the magnificence of its products –from mining through production and promotion,” Harebottle says. “From cutting-edge technologies to a renewed consideration for best practices and ecological concerns, our vision for the future of emeralds is inextricably linked to a savvy consumer and a more responsible industry.”


Gemfields is one of the world´s leading coloured gemstone companies. With a strong focus on Zambian emeralds, Gemfields mines, processes and markets both rough and polished gemstones internationally. Gemfields prides itself on its unique ability to bring ethically produced, conflict-free gemstones of certified provenance directly from mine to market on an integrated basis.
In order to support and influence the entire channel from mine to market, Gemfields is in the process of setting up state-of-the-art Cutting and Polishing facilities with cutting-edge technologies and will offer consumers vast quantities of emeralds in calibrated sizes, high precision and special cuts and large collections of Suites, Pairs, matching earring sets. Gemfields will also venture into co-branding projects with large, reputed retailers, most notably the company has acquired a worldwide exclusive 15 year licence to use the Fabergé brand name for coloured Gemstones. (ndr)


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