Tanzanite One offers scholarships

The following brief appaeared on The Arusha Times

Author: Happy Lazaro 

TanzaniteOne officials presenting a scholarship cheque to the Mererani Community last week.

A total of 10 children from the pastoral community and small scale miners at Mererani have received four years secondary education scholarship from the Mererani-based Tanzanite One mining company in Simanjiro.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony of the sponsorship fund, the chairman for the 176 disadvantaged children and 135 widows group , Damani Malipe said they had come together  as group to appeal for  donors to help them out in various aspects of life.

He thanked the representative of the Mererani mining area, Soipey Lenganasa, for helping them get the scholarship from Tanzanite One. About  90 percent of the children remained at home as they lacked resources to join schools.

Speaking at the function, Lenganasa said a lot more children needed support and called on the people  to organize themselves into groups that could  readily be supported.

The scholarship children are enrolled at  Benjamin Mkapa, Naisinyai, Terrat and Msitu wa Tembo secondary schools, all in Simanjiro district.

Lenganasa said efforts to seek for other sponsors were underway to cover the other children in that first group.

In his remarks, Tanzanite One Executive Director Zane Swanepoleone said the company had geared itself towards offering social services to the local people in the mining area.

He said the 10 children were only the first batch and more children would be supported. Tanzanite One also inaugurated its education fund for the disadvantage children to build a sustainable base.  

The director called on other companies and organizations to come out in support of the children welfare and brighten their future.


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