Emerald Elephant to feature at Selfridges and at the Elephant Parade

The following article is being published courtesy of Diamond World

The piece has been created to highlight the ‘Indian Elephant Corridor’ project.

Selfridges' Wonder Room

A life sized Emerald Elephant, conceived and designed by the collaborated efforts of the World Land Trust, Gemfields and bespoke jeweller Sabine Roemer , is set to be the most valuable design in the much anticipated Elephant Parade this summer. The work of art has been named ‘Emerald Queen’ and designer Sabine has decorated this fibreglass elephant with emerald dust, and a staggering 678 carat oval emerald is the outstanding centrepiece of the elephant’s jewellery headpiece.

The emerald is sourced from Gemfields mine in Zambia and follows an ethical and traceable route to Jaipur, where it was cut by hand and shipped to London to be set by Sabine. The emerald design exemplifies sustainability and the ‘green’ mindset, having conformed to Gemfields’ strict ethical and environmental policies, and conservation achievements of the World Land Trust and elephant family.

Emerald Queen is part of the elephant family’s, Elephant Parade, where 260 elephants will take to the streets of London from May to July 2010. Billed as the capitals largest public art exhibition, the Elephant Parade will embrace all that is excellent about London when Sotheby’s auction each of the elephants to raise crucial funds for the critically endangered Asian elephant.

Proceeds raised by the Emerald Queen will go to the elephant family and World Land Trust. The Emerald Queen is expected to generate a significant amount in sale. Selfridges has given the Emerald Queen a place in the Wonder Room, from May to June 2010.


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