U.S. rough imports up 391.5 percent in February

The following brief appears courtesy of Idex On Line and National Jeweler

By IDEXOnline.com

New York–Imports of rough diamonds by the United States have marked a very large year-over-year revival in February, with U.S. imports of rough diamonds reaching $29 million for the month. Net rough diamond imports totaled $12.58 million.

The total volume of gross imports stood at 48,239 carats averaging $601.76 per carat. These imports are a 391.5 percent increase in value, a 126.4 percent increase in volume and a 117.1 percent rise in average value.

Polished diamond exports rose 182.3 percent to $16.45 million. The volume of the month’s exports weighed 83,746 carats, a 34.8 percent year-over-year increase. The average value, $196.42 per carat, represents a 109.5 percent leap.

Botswana was the leading rough diamond supplier to the United States, shipping $8.54 million worth of goods with an average value of $301.16 per carat.

Israel was the leading destination of rough diamond exports, some $7.71 million worth of rough with an average value of $504.45 per carat.


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