NYC museum extends natural color diamond exhibit

The following article is published courtesy of National Jeweler

The five natural color diamonds in the Olympia Diamond Collection range in size from 1.01 to 2.34 carats

New York–New York’s American Museum of Natural History is extending an exhibit featuring the Olympia Diamond Collection, a set of five vivid natural color diamonds.

Originally, the five-stone exhibit was scheduled to run from September 2009 to February 2010 but, due to its popularity, the diamonds will remain on display until further notice, according to a news release from the owner of the gems, Scarselli Diamonds, a New York-based diamond company known for its expertise in fancy colors. Joshua Sheby, a gemologist with Scarselli Diamonds, curated the Olympia collection.

In the release, Scarselli’s Bruno Scarselli noted there have only been two other important museum collections featuring colored diamonds, the Aurora Collection, an introduction into the world of fancy color, and The Splendor of Diamonds exhibit, an interesting display of large diamonds.

“But our exhibit showcases the best of the best, the strongest colors attainable in each color range,” he said. “While it might be the rarity and multimillion dollar value of these five gems that attracts people to the museum’s Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems, it is the extraordinary beauty of these diamonds that thrills them. We want as many of the museum’s four million yearly visitors as possible to have the opportunity to see the collection.”

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has graded each diamond in the Olympia collection as “vivid,” meaning they all have the highest levels of color saturation possible for colored diamonds.

The collection consists of: a 1.01-carat, vivid orange-yellow diamond; a 1.02-carat, vivid blue-green diamond; a 2.17-carat, vivid purplish-pink diamond; a 2.13-carat, vivid blue diamond; and a 2.34-carat, vivid orange diamond.

The five diamonds in the Olympia grouping aren’t the only gems making headlines for Scarselli.

Before Valentine’s Day, the Scarselli red diamond took center stage on the CBS morning news program, The Early Show.

Graded by GIA as a fancy red, the 1.71-carat, heart-shaped stone is the largest natural red diamond in the world and has an estimated value of $10 million, according to the release.

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