5 top diamond-studded oddities

This article is being published courtesy of Israeli Diamond Industry Portal’s Blog

Author: Roe Kalb

This is a simple fact of life: jewelers are happiest when they are covering something – electronic devices, archeological artifacts, food – with diamonds.

Some of these diamond-studded creations are truly a thing of beauty, but others really make you wonder – what were they thinking?

Here are five examples of things you would never think to cover with gems – unless you were a starry-eyed jeweler:

1. iPad

Apple’s new tablet computing device, the iPad, will not be available for purchase until April, but the multi-touch screen device is already getting a glamorous makeover, courtesy of English luxury goods provider Goldstriker.









The glammed up iPad will have a diamond-studded frame – 11.43 carats of diamonds, cut in a micro-pave style, to be exact. As for the price – the diamond-studded iPad will be a bargain, at $19,999.
2. Boxing gloves

Nothing says “knockout” quite like a pair of diamond-studded boxing gloves.









Fully covered, they feature 10k gold studded with white and black diamonds. The black diamonds have clarity of 35 cttw and the white diamond – 10 cttw. The price packs its own little punch as well – $20,000.

3. A skull

The mind boggles at Damien Hirst’s latest creation – a diamond-studded skull. Titled “For the Love of God,” this work of art is made of the platinum-plated skull of a 35-year-old European male from the 1700s, teeth included, and is covered with diamonds. 

The highly unusual artwork, which cost $20 million to make, fetched $101 million when in was sold in auction, in 2007.

4. A TV set

Yes folks, this diamond-studded TV is the most expensive LCD TV in the world. Sculptured in glass and studded with 20 carats of diamonds, the “Yalos Diamond TV” defiantly offers a different viewing experience.

5. Edible sugar diamond

Just as we were digesting the fact that cake couture trends have us eating gold dust and silver leaf, those imaginative masters of pastry decided to up the stakes – not to mention the calorie intake – and created edible sugar diamonds. Yes, it’s just sugar, but that doesn’t take away from the wow factor.  After all – sugar diamonds are a cupcake’s best friend.


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