A dog swallowed a 3-carat, $20,000 diamond while in its owner’s jewelry shop in Rockville.

According to the Daily World Buzz, jeweler George Kaufman brings Sollie, his dog, to his store, “Robert Bernanrd Jewelers,” every day. A few weeks ago, while Kaufman was meeting with a diamond dealer and reviewing a 3 carat diamond, the stone suddenly fell to the floor just near to Sollie. Curious, she took a sniff and then just swallowed it up.

A veterinarian was immediately called to the store to check the pooch, and more importantly, to find out how the diamond could be retrieved and determined that the best way was to let Sollie pass the stone, so to speak.
Three days later, nature finally took its course and the diamond appeared in Sollie’s defecation, and after a thorough cleaning, was returned to its owner.

For the YouTube video click here

Courtesy of IDI portal


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