Gemtec – new trade show on technology of gem and jewellery industry

The event is the outcome of the importance of technology in today’s industry

GEMTEC is a new trade show making its debut in Germany, and as its name suggests, it is all about technology for the gem and jewellery industry. The event organisers from Idar-Oberstein recognise, that the use of modern technology is today essential for survival in the jewellery and gemstone trade and so offer a workshop fair as one meant to present technology in both machinery and knowledge format.

Technology, be it computer aided design, CNC workstations or laser tools for example, are necessary to stay afloat the competition, which is driving goldsmiths, jewellers and jewellery producers to look for acceptable application concepts for innovative technologies. “Modern technology for the jewellery and gemstone trade must not be just presented”, says Kai-Uwe Hille, managing director of Intergem Messe GmbH, which will organise the GEMTEC 2010 as well. “The professionals do rather need the chance to give these new technologies a try and gain technological orientation interactively”, he added.

The event organisers intend to create a show that meets the specific need for information and testing of the operators of modern jewellery and gemstone technology. To facilitate this, workshop spaces are being directly organised at the exhibitors’ booths. Since after all, to experience a workstation for the turning of rings live, the trade show visitor needs enough space. The workshop-like concept would enable exhibitors with a better chance to attend to their customers’ needs.

Until now, the technology providers for prototyping and software programmers of computer aided design did not have a portfolio that satisfied needs of jewellery producers and goldsmiths, at the same time the industry too found it difficult to implement these new technologies to their processing. In this light, Ed Powell, the British specialist for computer aided production found out a dislike by jewellery designers for wire frame models. They instead preferred working with more detailed options of rendering. So, for the producers of design software the necessity of introducing the work with their programmes step by step emerged. „Hands on is the order of the day”, says the expert for computer aided production, Peter de Cloedt. This counts for all other technologies in the jewellery trade as well. If it’s prototyping, moulding technologies, smart workshops or intelligent offices and shops. The conveyance of the necessary knowledge can only be successful in the interactive process at the machines and systems.

Courtesy of Diamond World


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