Tasty Raspberry Tourmaline

Raspberry, or rubellite, you decide what you want to call this delectable variety of tourmaline. Glints of shocking pink scintillate through the facets of pomegranate hue on this precious stone.

Some natural colored stones exhibit a fickle personality by changing their tint somewhat under different light sources, causing otherwise vibrant stones to exhibit a muddy brown tone. Not good.

 Not so with true rubellite. This faithful natural beauty behaves just as brilliantly in daylight as it does under incandescent lighting. No wonder savvy designers hand pick the rosy tourmaline stone for chic evening wear.

 Note to self. When considering a jewel for that fancy soiree, take a look at how the gemstone behaves in candle light–and subdued dinner lighting. You might change your mind and your jewelry after careful scrutiny. Oh, you’re welcome.

So go ahead, wear raspberry- rubellite tourmaline day to evening and look like a star. It won’t fade like your lipstick and you’ll have Oscar winning glamour the whole night through. Maria Menounos chose Sutra Jewels raspberry tourmaline and rose cut diamonds for her red carpet walk at last Sunday’s Oscar after-party and danced into the wee hours looking absolutely yummy.

Maria Menounos

Photo Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Source: Color-n-Ice


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