Churchill Sample Yields 0.86 CPT

Stornoway Diamond Corporation and Shear Minerals Ltd. completed the processing of the mini bulk sample from the Notch kimberlite at the Churchill diamond project in Nunavut is with an overall diamond recovery of 86.2 carats per hundred tonne (cpht).

A total of 129 diamonds greater than 1.18 mm were recovered from 17.26 dry tonnes of Notch kimberlite, Stornoway announced Monday. The five largest stones recovered weigh 0.92, 0.81, 0.77, 0.63, 0.63 carats.

The results are from two separate surface samples collected by hand trenching along the Notch kimberlite dyke in October 2008. A smaller 3.9 tonne sample was conducted on February 12, 2007.

“We are very pleased with the substantial increase in +1.18mm diamond grade of the Notch kimberlite in comparison to previous results and the presence of larger diamonds,” said Shear President and CEO Pamela Strand.

“Notch is the second kimberlite to be mini bulk sampled and return potentially economic grades at Churchill. This 14.87 carat parcel provides us with a more representative sample of the Notch diamond population that will be examined to determine the next steps in the continued evaluation of the Churchill Diamond Project,” she added.

Courtesy of Idex Online


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