BHP Billiton is adopting Sarin’s Galaxy 1000(TM)

The product enhances the evaluation of rough diamonds
By: Diamond World

Sarin Technologies Ltd has announced that BHP Billiton is adopting Sarin’s Galaxy 1000(TM), automated internal diamond mapping product, output data, as information to aid in selling rough diamonds to customers. BHP Billiton will be utilising the services at the Galaxy service center in Antwerp, Belgium, for scanning large-sized rough diamonds that will be offered to their customers in upcoming Spot Market Auctions.

BHP Billiton customers will be the first to benefit from the use of Sarin’s innovative technology in the decision making process for purchasing rough diamonds, as the output imagery data videos and derived internal inclusion maps will be appended to the information provided to the Spot Market Customers and will be viewable using Sarin’s AdvisorTM planning software.

Uzi Levami, Chief Executive Officer of Sarin, stated, “the introduction of the Galaxy 1000TM technology into the rough purchasing process will offer diamond manufacturers a comprehensive and open, literally and figuratively, picture in order to more accurately evaluate the rough diamonds offered for sale in an objective and educated manner

Sarin Technologies Ltd is listed on the Singapore Exchange Mainboard.

CCourtesy of Diamond World


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