HRD Antwerp – Diamond Lab gets ISO certificate extension

The extension is applicable beginning February 12, 2010

source: Diamond World

HRD Antwerp – Diamond Lab has announced that its ISO certificate has been renewed and extended for further five years, beginning February 12, 2010. The lab was the first to be ISO certified.

The lab has undergone a comprehensive external audit by a third party appointed by the Ministry of Economy, following which the ISO certificate extension was granted. Since 1995, the external audit, has been engaged in verifying if the standards as set by the International Diamond Council, the accreditation institute, and the Diamond Lab itself, are being maintained. The audit team consists of experts in quality management and internationally recognized diamond experts and their conclusions are binding.

HRD Antwerp – Diamond Lab has since 1976, imbibed a set of procedures that guarantee the highest possible quality standards, believing that grading labs have an obligation to the diamond industry and consumers, to be independent, objective and consistent.

During the audit, the reputation of the Diamond Lab by BELAC was again confirmed.


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